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  • Collaborate with online clients
  • Post branded trips on facebook
  • 300 major metro destination guides
  • Over 150,000 activities
  • Add your own excursions and activities
  • Automated scheduling  
  • Interactive calendar  
  • All trip details in one place
  • Professionally-bound, branded journal
  • Flight, cruise, and destination lookup
  • Trip templates, copying and cloning
  • Customer, trip and journal tracking
  • Easy-to-follow navigation
  • Page-specific "Show me" videos

Why join iZento?

  • Would you like to delight your clients with more personalized travel plans?
  • Are you attracting the new generation of internet-savvy travelers?
  • Could you benefit from a unique deliverable that showcases your expertise?

iZento is a powerful online application that:

  • Delivers personalized, branded itineraries clients can take with them
  • Enables you to market your services in new and unique ways. How it Works

How will iZento help my business?

1. Improve your productivity

build complex itineraries quickly and efficiently

  • Put everything in one place
  • Automate scheduling and mapping
  • Share destination templates agency-wide to expand knowledge
  • Use iZento research tools to brush up on destination facts
  • Let iZento "show me" videos get you up and running quickly

2. Get closer to your customers

collaborate with customers in new and unique ways

  • Jointly plan trips online with internet-savvy clients
  • Tailor experiences based on preferences your clients select
  • Deliver a new level of personalization that showcases the value of your services

3. Grow your business

enhance your marketing to online customers

  • Create unique facebook marketing with interactive, branded journals
  • Build exceptional email campaigns using iZento trip templates
  • Leverage trip journals to compete for group business and drive repeat business

iZento tools for Travel Professionals

Itinerary Matrix

View comprehensive trip data at a glance, and print as a leave-behind

Research tools

Search a trip plan to quickly fill available time slots
Refresh your destination knowledge with searchable guides

Trip Templates

Create trip outlines that can be shared, re-used, and personalized to save time

Post interactive trip journals to Facebook friends, fans, and user groups with your contact information clearly displayed

Return Ticket link

Bring collaborating clients back to your site with built-in link

Customer Management

Track your customers, their trips, preferences, and journal orders


Add your own "private" activities, tours, etc. individually or agency-wide

What does it cost?

iZento is a monthly subscription service with no long-term contract requirements or upfront costs. The price is $15 per month per Travel Professional, and volume discounts are available for large organizations. For less than you'd spend on a single direct mail campaign, iZento offers powerful capability that will differentiate you with existing clients and the new breed of online travelers.