iZento QC Service for Client Base

Quality Control Insurance for your Data

When Bad Data Happens to Good Companies

“Most agency owners think their data from Res Cards is very good. From what we have seen, only about 20% of the potential data is complete, leaving a great deal of room for negative client experiences due to incorrect or incomplete data input.

One of the features I like about iZento’s product is that it shows agents what data is missing or incorrect. I see it as Quality Control insurance for the client, the agent and the agency."

Dr. Robert Joselyn, President & CEO
The Joselyn Consulting Group and
TAMS (Travel Agency Management Solutions)

You Deserve Better Res Card Data...

You work to optimize every aspect of your travel business. You've invested in the ClientBase CRM tool to provide content, contact and trip management for your agency. So, how do you maximize your investment?

iZento has done the research for you. Our team has analyzed ClientBase Res Card data across many agencies just like yours and developed tools that can flag problems, measure gaps in data and enhance the value of this frequently underutilized asset.

Find out how you can get the best quality data without interrupting your business processes. Contact us today.