"I lead with iZento on my Facebook page. I offer a custom trip journal if clients book with me. Clients call asking for them. “

Sandy Gadd
Hawaiian Honeymoons

" I had a FABULOUS meeting and got the client. She was very impressed with the presentation I did using iZento -- it sealed the deal!”

Paula Mitchel Manning, ACC
Call Lynn 2 Travel
Trendsetter Award Winner

" iZento has developed an amazing product for the travel agent community that takes any user to a higher level of professionalism.”

Bob Duglin, Owner
Sea Sun & Tee Travel
NACTA Business Development Mgr
" I recently sent personalized, printed iZento journals to two client families. I included all the details of their trip, along with plenty of personalized, trip-related notes, the traveler’s checklist, and “hand-picked” sections of the destination guide content. The reaction I received was huge! Both families said that it was the best travel package they had ever seen. . .

I can say with absolute confidence that the iZento product helps me stand out from other agents every time. Even better, it gives my clients tangible, memorable evidence of the extra, value-added service I have provided them."
Chantel Shipman, Owner
Blue Lion Travel
(An Affiliate of Nexion)

"It's so much a part of making trips special for clients. I can't imagine not having it!

Clarice Jester
Hazel Phillips Travel

" My new client was thrilled when they got the iZento journal I made for their honeymoon! We truly exceeded all of their expectations before they even started their vacation.”

Mary Douthwaite, ACC, DSS
Journeys Travel Group
Travel Leaders Award of Excellence

“Loving iZento - telling everyone - what a dream come true!“

Allen Mitchem
Adventure Travel Specialist
Travel Experts